måndag 24 november 2008

Four truths and a lie - Lauren Barnholdt


Eighth grader Scarlett Northon has a secret-and not just a little secret. We're talking seriously, absolutely, 100-percent change-your-life big secret! So much so that her mother, in an effort to shield Scarlett from hometown gossip, ships her off to a prestigious all-girls charter school. Scarlett thinks her life is absolutely over.

But what she doesn't know is that her life is about to get absolutely interesting, because one day, she receives an anonymous letter. The letter says it contains four truths and a lie-and Scarlett's reputation depends on determining which is which . . . And as the letters keep coming, and the truths and the lies start piling up, Scarlett begins to realize that maybe her secret isn't so safe after all.....

Sounds good, hah?

To find out how to get a free copy, visit Lauren's blog at

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Tempestt sa...

I really want to read this book!

Keri Mikulski sa...

Love Lauren's books. :) Thanks for the link.